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We hope you are happy with your purchase, but if for any reason you are not, we encourage you to contact us before you attempt to return the item.
If you do need to return it to us, you will need to contact us first for a return address and the postage is your responsibility unless we have specifically indicated that we will bear the return cost.
All returns must be made within one month of your receipt of the item, if the item is faulty. At this point we would offer you a full refund or replacement.
If the item does not fit the intended recipient and requires alteration:
For example, you have supplied the size and we have made the item to that size in good faith, we will charge you for any alterations and you will be required to bear the transit costs.
If the item cannot be resized due to the nature of its construction, we will discuss this matter with you and hopefully come to a suitable resolution.

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