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​We are Chris & Martin,

Our designer maker is Chris, with toolmaking, advice and quality control by Martin.  Overlooking the beautiful Herefordshire Golden Valley and the wilds of the 100 + acre common, there is a great deal of inspiration and of course peace and quiet.  We're both working at "day jobs" as well as finding time and relaxation making items for you to enjoy.  We share our beautiful surroundings with Chris's mum (more quality control), two cats and a Labrador funnily enough called "Drake" - with a view to establising a wider variety of creatures in the near future.


Chris inspired to begin jewellery making in 2013, thanks partly to a chance purchase of a birthday present for a dear friend - Teena who is sadly no longer with us. Starting with simple bead and wire work and graduating to the art of silversmithing, mostly self taught and always willing to learn.

Our work ethic is very simple, we want to design, create and provide quality jewellery items that you will be delighted with, at reasonable cost.  We don't follow jewellery fashions, create "collections" that can stifle creativity and limit choice, however we do intend to push the boundaries of innovation, using technology where appropriate and include unusual and historical metal alloys and gemstones when we discover them through research and development.

Firedrake is committed to sourcing ethical gemstones, sustainable metals and other materials (as far as we are able).

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