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What "Handmade" means to us

Handmade/crafted - in the context of Fire-drake Jewellery means that all items unless otherwise stated have been formed from sheet/tube/wire metal by us.
One notable exception (currently and this may change) will be the rings that are used for the chain woven pieces, are sourced by us as rings then fashioned into a weave.
Most findings (clasps, fine neck chains, earring parts, metal beads, spacer beads etc.) are bought in to add to our pieces, if the clasp or ear-wire has been made by us - we will note this in the item description.
We do sometimes purchase pre-made cast items such as small charms which are used to add interest and definition to a piece. We ensure as much as possible that we have added value to the component and incorporated it in a larger piece of work. These items are always sourced from reputable companies who ensure the metal is as specified.
All beads and gemstones are also purchased finished to use in our designs
As every piece is handmade, each will be slightly different

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