Gold filled (rolled gold) foxtail weave bracelet, finished with amber beads and a premade toggle clasp

Foxtail weave bracelet with amber - item made to order

SKU: P0116
  • This bracelet is available in gold filled (rolled gold) or sterling silver.   It is approx. 8 inches long (as in image) and weighs about 9g.

    The standard size of this bracelet is as stated - if you require it shorter or longer please let us know - due to the style we may be plus or minus 4mm.

    We would certainly be able to alter the metal and/or the bead to suit your taste so please feel free to customise this design.

    If a customisation is required, please complete our form instead of adding the item to your basket, we will arrange the details with you first and ensure you are happy with it before we charge you for the item.

    If we are unsure or need any further clarification from you we will contact you before we go ahead and make the bracelet for you.

    Depending upon the requirements, we may need to purchase the rolled gold so please allow a six week delivery schedule (the rolled gold cannot usually be sourced in the UK to this specification and has to come from overseas)



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