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UK Hallmarks

In order to describe and sell precious metal jewellery as such, we need by UK law to have the item hallmarked by our chosen Assay House (we use Birmingham, UK as this is the closest to us and by far the most famous). This applies to any item of jewellery that contains:
Above 7.78gm weight of Sterling, Britannia, Argentium or Fine Silver
Above 1gm weight of Gold - where the item is solid gold and not gold filled (rolled gold)*
We may occasionally decide to have lower weight items hallmarked - this is at our discretion, however you are at liberty to request us to have a lower weight item hallmarked. In this case the addition of a hallmark will incur a charge which will be advised to you before you pay for the item.
*Gold filled jewellery cannot be hallmarked as it contains a core of non-precious metal. That said, if there is also a high enough percentage of precious metal in the piece and it is identifiable from the gold filled it is possible that we may be able to gain a hallmark.

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