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Metal: Rolled Gold/Gold Filled

Gold Filled - often called Rolled Gold (we use both these terms as many people will be familiar with one or the other)
Is made by fusing a layer of carat gold to a suitable support metal (or alloy) using equipment that carefully controls pressure, heat and time (this is NOT electroplating). The bond produced between the outer layer of gold and inner core of alloy is completely seamless. The gold layer has to be at least a 5th of the content (outer layer). We, as a standard use 14 carat 20% gold filled stock. The inner alloy will usually be made from jeweller’s brass. Like solid gold, it is tarnish resistant and hardwearing, it is also safe for those with sensitive skin and the gold layer will not peel or flake.
Although gold filled can be soldered, it cannot easily be forged, or fused together, thus creating limitations in its use. We tend to us it for chain woven pieces, or those that utilise wire in their construction where no direct heat is necessary. However, you will find a few instances where we have soldered rolled gold either for aesthetic reasons, or if the piece requires additional security.

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