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All jewellery and images copyright Fire-Drake at: www.firedrakeuk.com

Corvid-19 Update From Firedrake Jewellery

We are a small and mostly part-time business, however we do work from home.  No visitors please, due to sensible Govt. restrictions to help keep us all safe from this horrible virus. 

We can supply direct from our website as usual, but we cannot provide postal sign-for items, all will be normal first class post.  This also means we will not be able to take any International orders at the present time (we hope this will change soon).

Lastly, we cannot obtain hallmarks as all the Assay offices in the UK are now closed.  So we can only supply under weight items or items that are already completed. 

We apologise for the inconvenience, but we must keep as many people safe as possible.

Take care, with love and support

Chris x

Postage, Packaging and Customs

Our standard rate for postage and packaging are listed in the cart selection once you've chosen the items you would like to buy.  We use standard UK Royal Mail services at present, the costs have been summarised into groups in order to make shipping easier for you to select and for us to manage.



Each item will be gift boxed separately - unless you ask otherwise

If you are located in the United Kingdom then insurance is only available where stated and is to a value up to £500. 

If you are located elsewhere in the world then insurance is only available where stated and is to a value up to £250.

We will post items anywhere in the world - so long as Royal Mail will deliver to that location - and we will complete customs forms truthfully in summary as "hand made fashion jewellery"


All items will be packaged securely

If you have purchased multiple items and they are packaged together and are to be delivered to the same address we will combine the delivery as listed


If you are unsure - please ask before you buy, we will find out the most expedient and safe delivery method for you to the best of our abilities.

Ordering and Timescales

We will endeavour to post out items to you in a timely fashion.

If the item(s) do not have a “made to order” note on the product listing this means we have the item in stock and can ship to you within 4 working days.

If the item(s) do have a “made to order” sticker, then the delivery schedule will increase to approximately 3 working weeks from receipt of order to posting item(s).

We will always post your items as soon as possible, depending upon the complexity of the item and whether we need to source materials and/or gain a UK Hallmark.


If for any reason you item will be delayed further we will contact you and advise you of a revised date.


Some items by their very nature will take more time to make, if this is the case there will be a note made in the product description and we can discuss it with you when you order.


If an item is to be customised, we will advise you within 2 working days (from the date you send us the customisation form or email), the turnaround time, cost and any other additional charges.  At this point you have not paid us, so you are at liberty to cancel the order if you wish.  Obviously we hope that you do not and we will attempt to come to some agreement with you.

If you have ordered a commission item or customization you do not need to go through our basket/merchant pages on this site.

We shall email you a quotation specifying the item, description and postage costs.  Once you have accepted the quotation, we will email you an invoice which will be split into two payments: we ask for a 60% deposit prior to work commencing, this is only refundable at our discretion. 

The balance would be due for payment once the item is ready for you and prior to delivery.  We will usually email you with a picture of the item at this point so you can be sure it is exactly what you expect.  Once the balance is paid we will ship the item out to you at the appropriate postal rate.

You are welcome to fully pay for the item upon receipt of your invoice if you prefer.

Commissioned items can be paid by BACS or PayPal (the details would be on your invoice).

A printed receipt will be included with the item(s).

Getting a piece customised

So, you've found the ideal piece from our collection - but you want it to match your special outfit... we can arrange to make you a version of the piece that will match, but you will need to give us enough information in order to do so.

This applies to any customisation where the choice is not specifically listed as an option

We can provide most items in the following metals (if we cannot for any reason we will let you know and come up with an alternative suggestion)

  • Sterling Silver

  • Gold-filled (please see our notes on Metals)

  • Argentium Silver

  • 9ct Gold (standard UK minimum precious metal content)


If we have noted that the item is true one off, then no customisation is possible due to the design and content of the piece

That said, most pieces can be made again, so please enquire

~~ note that due to the hand made nature of these items, no two pieces will ever be absolutely identical - this is a design intent~~

UK Hallmarks

In order to describe and sell precious metal jewellery as such, we need by UK law to have the item hallmarked by our chosen Assay House (we use Birmingham, UK as this is the closest to us and by far the most famous).

This applies to any item of jewellery that contains:

Above 7.78gm weight of Sterling, Argentium or Fine Silver

Above 1gm weight of Gold - where the item is solid gold and not gold filled (rolled gold)*


We may occasionally decide to have lower weight items hallmarked - this is at our discretion, however you are at liberty to request us to have a lower weight item hallmarked. In this case the item will be dealt with as a customisation, as the addition of a hallmark will incur a charge which will be advised to you before you pay for the item.


*Gold filled jewellery cannot be hallmarked as it contains a core of non-precious metal (usually jewellers brass - although not seen by the naked eye usually).  That said, if there is also a high enough percentage of precious metal in the piece and it is identifiable from the non-precious metal it is possible that we may be able to gain a hallmark. 


Please see our additional information on Metal Types

What Is Hand-Made or Hand-Crafted

Hand made/crafted - in the context of this jewellery website means that all items unless otherwise stated have been formed from raw sheet/tube/wire metal by us. 

One notable exception (currently and this may change) will be the rings that are used for the chain woven pieces, these are sourced by us as rings then fashioned into a weave.

Most findings (fine chains, clasps, earring parts, metal beads, spacer beads etc) are bought in to add to our pieces, if the clasp or earwire has been made by us - we will note this in the item description

All beads, gemstones etc are also purchased finished to use in our designs


As every piece is hand made, each will be slightly different.

Care of your jewellery

It is important to take care of your jewellery, please ensure that you only clean it with light detergent and warm water, do not use harsh chemicals and take care not to snag the item (especially if it is chain).


Try to keep the piece away from perfume and makeup as much as you can as this will dull the shine.


Wipe with a soft cloth to dry and polish.

Metal types

Fine Silver

Is 99.9% pure silver.  It is the highest fineness of silver available for jewellery making.  Being pure it is very soft and can only be used for delicate and non structural elements of a jewellery piece (i.e. for a pendant, or earring dangle, but not for the chain or ear wires).  It is the most tarnish resistant the silver precious metal family.  As a pure metal, it should be safe for those with sensitive skin.


Sterling Silver

Is 92.5% silver, usually alloyed with copper to give it strength while preserving the ductility and appearance.  This is the standard we will use for most "Silver" items.  It is the most hard-wearing and will be used for structual items as well as finer detailed components.  It can tarnish, however the finish can usually be restored.  It will usually be safe for those with sensitive skin as the copper content is not toxic.  (unlike Nickel silver - which most certainly is!)


Argentium Silver

Argentium silver 935 is a modern sterling silver alloy, containing 93.5% silver, in which the traditional alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) is modified by removing some of the copper and adding the metalloid germanium.

Argentium silver 960 is a high purity jewellery alloy that meets the hallmarking requirements for the U.K. Britannia standard.   It is slightly more tarnish resistant than Sterling Silver (due to the reduction of the copper content).


Gold (carat)

9ct Is the lowest content solid gold alloy we will use for jewellery making.  It is 37.5% gold alloyed with other metals - usually copper and silver.  It is the most hard-wearing of all gold alloys and is ideal for rings and bracelets.  It is usually safe for those with sensitive skin.


Note: Carat is the measure of gold content: 24 carat is pure gold, 9 ct gold is 37.5% pure, 14ct gold is 58.5% pure and 18ct is 75% pure. 24 carat gold is unsuitable for most jewellery applications.


Another point to note is that some gold is alloyed with copper and nickel - the latter being strictly controlled by law due to its toxicity - we would never intentionally buy gold or silver that could potentially contain nickel, we check as best as we are able with our chosen suppliers to ensure this - as they are reputable and well known organisations we trust they have performed due dilligence on the content of the metal they supply.


Gold Filled - often called Rolled Gold (we use both these terms as many people will be familar with one or the other)

Is made by fusing a layer of carat gold to a suitable support metal (or alloy) using equipment that carefully controls pressure, heat and time (this is NOT electroplating).  The bond produced between the outer layer of gold and inner core of alloy is completely seamless.  The gold layer has to be at least a 5th of the content (outer layer).  We, as a standard use 14 carat 20% gold filled stock.  The inner alloy will usually be made from jewellers brass.  Like solid gold, it is tarnish resistant and hardwearing, it is also safe for those with sensitive skin, the gold layer will not peel or flake.


Although goldf filled can be soldered, it cannot easily be forged, or fused together, thus creating limitations in its use.  We tend to us it for chain woven pieces, or those that utilise wire in their construction where no direct heat is necessary.  However you will find a few instances where we have soldered rolled gold either for asthetic reasons, or if the piece requires additional security (i.e. jump-rings holding a clasp connection).



Pronounced vur-may, is produced by powder coating sterling silver with carat gold.  A base metal is never used here.  It is sometimes called "gilded silver" and is made using a process of eletrolysis (electricity and an acid bath) to attach the gold to the sterling silver.  The gold in Vermeil needs to be at least 10 carat and at least 1.5micrometers thick.  This is more hardwearing than electroplated items, but much less hardwearing than gold filled.    We tend to use this for earrings only as a change and contrast, as the coating of gold could wear off in time due to its thinness.



Is a pure metal, not a precious metal but like titanium takes colouration well, in its raw form it is a grey and not very appealing - but once heat and electricity are applied to it in the process of anodization the surface will colour permanently (though this is a thin layer and will wear off eventually or if scratched persistently). 


Niobium is a reactive metal meaning that if you pass an electrical current through it, the surface of the metal will change colour. This is not dyed metal, what  you see is purely a natural property of the material once an electrical current and a salt water bath are used, the amount of colour and actual shades depend on the process, the time taken and the current used.


As this is a pure metal it is ideal for those with sensitive skin types, however due to the fact that it isn't very hard wearing (at least the surface colour) we usually use it only for decoration where will come into very little contact with anything else.  That said, if you are really concerned, we can use it for ear-wires at your request.

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